A Practical Guide for European Canal Boat Charters

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A Practical Guide for European Canal Boat ChartersShocked to suddenly find herself in temporary possession of a six-ton canal boat in France, the author quickly realized that she should have asked more questions during the charter company’s briefing. But until cruising the canals, she didn’t know what she didn’t know. This is the book that she wished had been available!

A Practical Guide for European Canal Boat Charters is written by Heather C. Thomas (a French canal boat owner and former charterer) for the novice to this type of boating vacation. This book prepares the reader to cruise on the canals by highlighting qualities of a good charter company and offering tips for boat handling. The book covers basic waterway etiquette, includes photos of signaling lights and mechanisms, and presents detailed instructions on lock operation as well as insights into European culture. It also celebrates the beauty and simplicity of life on the canals and offers advice to travelers seeking a gloriously relaxed way to travel in Europe.

This guide is a must-read for anyone planning a canal boat vacation and is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon.com.

“Of all the methods of travelling I have ever tried this is the pleasantest…”

– Thomas Jefferson, on the Canal du Midi, France 1787


This IS a practical guide and you shouldn’t rent a canal barge without it. We started out renting canal boats in France for vacations, first with friends and then by ourselves. We loved it so much that we bought our own 22 meter barge and lived on it, cruising on the canals/rivers of France and Belgium, for the next 12 years. Everyone should have the pleasure of spending time floating along on peaceful canals, and with Heather’s help you will avoid most of the mistakes beginners make. Not only will you be thankful that you came prepared, thanks to Heather, but barge owners sharing locks with you will be thankful too.
Nancy Joyce Koenig